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The Tasting Table reviewed Bittermens Spirits in their 11/18/11 newsletter:

But thanks to Janet and Avery Glasser, the husband-and-wife team behind Bittermens, our holiday bartending plan is now clear: We’ll be hinging our cocktails on the company’s just-launched line of spirits ($24 for 375ml). Here, our five-point guide to an easily mixed round.

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Bittermens Commonwealth Tonic Cordial « A Jigger of Blog

Matt Hamlin writes about a trip to Amor y Amargo where he first samples the Commonwealth Tonic Liqueur:

The rise of craft cocktails has been accompanied by micro-distilled spirits, handmade bitters, and flavorful tonic water bottlings, and craft syrups. The goal of these higher-end products is to make better cocktails. Undoubtedly Fever Tree or Fentimen’s tonic waters are superior than Canada Dry-style sugar water. But is tonic all that it can be?

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Imbibe Magazine Holiday Gift Guide

Imbibe Magazine featured Bittermens Spirits in their 2011 Holiday Gift Guide:


Press Release

BROOKLYN, NY – 21 JULY 2011 (x-apple-data-detectors://2)
Bittermens, Inc., one of the largest domestic producers of cocktail bitters and tinctures, is pleased to announce the formation of Bittermens Spirits, Inc.
Bittermens Spirits is a new entity focused on the production of artisanal liqueurs, cordials and vermouths. Our initial offering includes:
  • Gentiane Américaine – Gentianes are woody, refreshing and extremely bitter liqueurs that have a cult status with craft cocktail bartenders and bars nationwide. There are even modern classics, such as the White Negroni that rely on gentiane liqueur suitcase-imported in from overseas. The Gentiane Américaine is the only product of its kind produced in the United States.
  • Amer Américaine – Throughout Alsace, the common drink is an Amer Biere – a combination of lager beer and a gentian and bitter orange liqueur. This liqueur also plays a key role in the Brooklyn cocktail, one of the great cocktail classics that has suffered from the liqueur’s lack of availability in the United States. The predecessor to our Amer Américaine has been tested at a number of bars throughout New York City and Bittermens already has standing orders for this product upon its release.
  • Citron Américaine – A grapefruit liqueur with a beautiful pink color and distinctive gentian bitterness, the Citron Américaine is a new aperitif that works fantastically in cocktails, on its own, or served long with soda water. We’ve used it in Negronis, replaced triple sec in Margaritas and added a dash to give a hint of complexity to simple drinks like the Tom Collins.
  • Classic Tonic Cordial – At Bittermens’ test bar in New York, the number one drink on the menu is the Bittermens House Gin and Tonic, which features both the Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters and a tonic tincture that is made in-house. Bittermens has taken this tincture and added alcohol and sugar to create a cordial that can be combined with club soda to make a fresh, vibrant tonic water that delivers just the right amount of acidity, bitterness and citrus flavors.
All products will be available to distributor and wholesale accounts in 12-packs of 375ml bottles, each with a T-top enclosure.
Production starts in August with a targeted release date of September 1 (x-apple-data-detectors://3), pending final federal label approvals and brand registration. Bittermens will initially offer direct sales in New York to wholesale and retail customers, and will also offer products worldwide through their network of distributors. More information about the products and sales options can be found at:
Bittermens, Inc. was founded in 2007 after its founders, Avery and Janet Glasser, stumbled into the world of cocktail bitters. Since its inception, Bittermens has grown to become one of the largest domestic producers of cocktail bitters and tinctures. In the spring of 2011, Bittermens launched an experimental line of vinegar-containing shrubs and intensely sour citrates. Bittermens has also formed Bittermens Spirits, a producer of artisanal, hand crafted liqueurs, cordials and vermouth. For press contacts, email Janet Glasser ( (janet null@null bittermens