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Bittermens Commonwealth in Wine & Spirits Magazine

Bittermens Commonwealth liqueur was featured in Lou Bustamante’s article “Tonic & Gin” in the August 2012 issue of Wine & Spirits magazine.



Bittermens Receives American Treasures Award

June 5, 2012
Brooklyn, NY

2012 American Treasures Award Winner: Bittermens

Bittermens today announces that it is the recipient of the prestigious 2012 American Treasures Award. The award will be presented at the annual Take Pride in America celebration held at the United States Capitol on July 4, 2012. Bittermens is being recognized for making in New York the finest cocktail flavorings and extracts which are prized by mixologists and enjoyed by cocktail afficiandos around the world. The American Treasures Awards are presented annually to individuals and small producers in recognition of a singular and significant contribution to our Nation that preserves and/or fosters a unique all American craft and tradition. The winners are carefully selected and vetted through a deliberative process by a National Advisory Committee consisting of individuals with relevant subject matter expertise. A special Congressional Honorary Steering Committee supports the initiative.

Bittermens products will be featured at the 2012 inaugural American Treasures Culinary Experience to be held at the Washington Design Center on the Fourth of July. This singular tasting event will be prepared by a roster of distinguished chefs including Event Chair, Chef Nick Stefanelli of Enoteca/Osteria Bibiana, in Washington, DC and by: Chefs Adam Sobel, Bourbon Steak, Washington, DC; Bryan Voltaggio, VOLT, Fredericksburg, MD; Sean Brock, McCrady’s, Charleston, SC; Steve Geddes, Local 127, Cincinnati, OH; Dan O’Brien, Seasonal Pantry, Washington, DC and mixologist Derek Brown, The Passenger/Columbia Room, Washington, DC.

About Bittermens:

Bittermens, Inc. is one of the largest producers of all-natural handcrafted cocktail bitters and flavorings. Founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Avery and Janet Glasser, Bittermens strives to create a new set of flavors that will allow today’s bartenders to create tomorrow’s classic cocktails. From their offices and kitchens in Brooklyn, NY, Bittermens has recently launched a new division focusing on liqueurs and spirits. Available worldwide through their network of distributors and importers, you can learn more about their products at (http://bittermens


MADE: In America is a not-for-profit educational organization based in Washington, D.C.  The group’s mission is to foster a business climate conducive to the free exchange of ideas and information for the purpose of revitalizing and sustaining the competitiveness of American commerce and industry in a global economy. Made: In America consists of a coalition of business leaders, public policy makers, educators and concerned citizens dedicated to designing and articulating new and innovative ways to promote American enterprise in the 21st Century.  The organization’s annual American Treasures Awards are the culmination of a deliberative year-long search to identify and honor America’s best. The award was created to heighten public awareness of American made products and a showcase the companies and individuals who create them.

In addition to conducting the American Treasures Award program MADE: In America also established the BEST: Made in America Award, the William Thornton Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship and the Build it in America awards to recognize outstanding American manufacturers. Beyond the awards programs, MADE: In America undertakes a wide range of other educational programs and services in cooperation with a network of coalition partners through the American Enterprise Initiative and In Service to American Business. These strategic educational initiatives are created for both manufacturers and consumers in order to shape public discourse and policy.


Amère Nouvelle Featured in Mutineer Magazine

Dan Chadwick’s (of Kindred Cocktails (http://kindredcocktails Parfume Amère, which combines gin and Bittermens Amère Nouvelle, appeared in a recent issue of Mutineer Magazine. Dan says:

“With a hazy yellow color, modest sugar, and ample 60 proof, Amère Nouvelle integrates easily into cocktails, such as the whiskey-based Brooklyn and Liberal.”

Parallel 37 – Ritz Carlton SF

Camber Lay of Parallel 37 (http://parallel37sf in the Ritz Carlton San Francisco uses the Bittermens Citron Sauvage and Bittermens Commonwealth Tonic Liqueur in its opening menu (http://parallel37sf NULL.pdf).


New Alcohol 2011 – New Liquors 2011 – Esquire

Leslie Pariseau names the Bittermens Citron Sauvage as one of the 2011 Bottles You’ll Want to Try for Esquire Magazine.

Triple sec is one of the most indispensable ingredients in one’s home bar, but a good one makes all the difference. The team behind Xocolatl Mole bitters infused their citrus liqueur with grapefruit and gentian instead of orange, rendering it slightly more floral, a tiny bit bitter, and absolutely perfect in a Collins. $24

Read more: New Alcohol 2011 – New Liquors 2011 – Esquire (http://www NULL.esquire


Bittermens on Heritage Radio Network

Recently, Avery and Janet of Bittermens chatted with Damon Boelte about their new line of bitter liqueurs on his radio show The Speakeasy.  Listen here:  The Speakeasy – Episode 40 – Avery & Janet Glasser of Bittermens (http://www NULL.heritageradionetwork


Find. Eat. Drink. Holiday Gift Guide

Insider food and drink guide Find. Eat. Drink. (http://www NULL.findeatdrink featured the Bittermens line of liqueurs in their 2011 Holiday Gift Guide:

Why: A range of liqueurs produced by the team who created Bittermens Bitters (http://www NULL.findeatdrink NULL.html). Flavors range from bitter orange, gentian root and a tonic cordial. For the season, try the limited addition, cinnamon focused Hiver Amer.

via Find. Eat. Drink. Holiday Gift Guide 2011 – Cocktails (http://www NULL.findeatdrink NULL.html)


Serious Eats Gift Guide for Spirits and Cocktail Lovers

Serious Eats (http://www NULL.seriouseats suggests Bittermens liqueurs as holiday gifts in their Gift Guide for Spirits and Cocktail Lovers:

Brooklyn-based Bittermens, already well-respected for its line of bitters and tinctures, entered the spirits market in 2011 with a line of spirits and liqueurs. Bittermens Spirits are designed to occupy a unique place in the market, with liqueurs based on flavors such as cinnamon and grapefruit, and American amaros, similar to their European ancestors.

via Serious Eats Gift Guide: For Spirits and Cocktail Lovers (http://drinks NULL.seriouseats NULL.html#show-201069)


A Spirited Winter

Virginia Miller talks about her first taste of our new spirits line at the SF Indy Spirits Expo…


Each November, the Indy Spirits Expo offers excellent small production pours, and even I find a few new surprises every year. This time, a winner was New York’s Bittermens Spirits (yes, of the popular indie bitters line), with a brand new line of five bitter liqueurs ($29.99).

Each is a worthy purchase, whether it be Amère Nouvelle, an Alsatian-style bitter orange liqueur used in classic cocktails like the Amer Biere (pale lager, bitter orange and gentian liqueur), or the limited edition Hiver Amer, a bitter orange-laced cinnamon liqueur, ideal in egg nog or toddies. My favorite at first taste was the Amère Sauvage, an alpine gentian liqueur. Tempering famously bitter gentian root herbs, it is earthy and lush in a White Negroni.

via A spirited winter (http://www NULL.sfbg


New Booze: Bittermens Spirits

Camper English (http://www NULL.alcademics includes our new spirits on – New Booze: Bittermens Spirits (http://www NULL.shakestir