About Us

Avery and Janet Glasser started Bittermens in 2007 with the vision of creating a new type of cocktail bitters. In the years that followed, Bittermens has grown to become one of the largest artisanal producers of cocktail bitters, flavoring extracts and other curiosities – such as vinegar based shrubs and exquisitely sour citrates.

In 2011, the Glassers started formulating a series of liqueurs to complement their offering of bitters and extracts. This eventually became Bittermens Spirits.

Team Bittermens Spirits

Avery Glasser – CEO and Co-Founder  A backseat bartender and general flavor junkie, Avery created the bitters, extracts, citrates and shrubs at Bittermens. When he’s not dreaming up new flavors, he’s working with bartenders on cocktail recipes…. occasionally while wearing a fez. Aside from creating new liqueurs, Avery also is responsible for managing distillery partners and TTB formulation approvals. Default Spirit: Anything brown and boozy.
Janet Glasser – President and Co-Founder  With more time as a cocktail consumer than the average corporate mogul, Janet is truly the brains behind the business side of Bittermens. As COO, she drives the operational aspects of Bittermens ranging from production scheduling to accounting to press and marketing. Default Spirit: Gin!

Thank Yous…

We’d like to thank the amazing Ipomee – Dwam (http://ipomee NULL.canalblog NULL.com/), for the wonderful label art. She’s a fantastic photographer, painter, illustrator, model and tattoo artist based out of Nantes, France, and we’re excited to be working with her on the artwork for Bittermens Spirits.

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